Welcome to all who have no church home , need strength, want to follow Christ , have doubts, or do not believe .

Welcome to new visitors and to old friends .

. Welcome to grandparents, to mothers, fathers, and single people. Welcome to people of all colors, cultures, abilities, and sexual orientations, to old and young , to believers and questioners - and welcome to questioning believers.

Welcome to everyone! We hope you find peace and uplift in our worship.

  Sunday evening worship, 5:30pm
Children’s church provided  

:: upcoming events

Mardi Gras Sunday

Sunday, February 18, 5:30pm

Ash Wednesday Service

Wednesday, February 21, 7:30pm

Knitting Circle

Thursdays, 7:30pm


:: spotlight

Electrifying Hope

A new initiative making it possible for everyone to give anytime, anywhere. People subscribing for a monthly online donation will receive a special bonus for signing up: t-shirts, hats, and water bottles abound !

Online Newsletters

We're thrilled to introduce our new online newsletters that harness the power of technology making many, including the trees, happy! .

Best Place of Worship 2006

Hope Church was thrilled to be voted the "Best Place of Worship" in the Jamaica Plain Gazette's 2006 "Best of Jamaica Plain."

Android App

We are also excited to announce that thanks to our member Thomas McCarty you can learn how to unfriend on facebook